Night at the Museum Augmented with Reality and FoxPop < Blu-Ray

Day and Date release of FoxPop Bonus Feature iPhone App

Night at the Museum Battle of the Smithsonian < Blu-Ray | Fox HomeNight at the Museum franchise’s latest installment, Battle of the Smithsonian, introduces two new features to 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment Blu-Ray Discs (BD).  In addition to FoxPop, a quiz and trivia companion, Fox jumps into the Augmented Reality (AR) game with Museum.

The studio also is debuting a scavenger hunt feature exclusively on the Night at the Museum Blu-ray, which people can similarly use to expand their knowledge of famous past figures.

via Night at the Museum has augmented reality, FoxPop – 11/10/2009 – Video Business.

Fox Home Entertainment has accomplished one thing already on this release.  The AR features are activated right on Night at the Museum Comes to Life, mitigating what may confusing to newcomers to this technology.  Previous releases from other studios required an additional step of traveling to a separate website.  Not with MuseumIf you believe the internet movie database, go to the official website and you are ready to augment!  On top of that, you then have three options to trigger the AR feature:
  • the BD you just bought
  • a newspaper clipping
  • click on an image and print it right there and then!

Fox could not have made this any easier.  You may get an idea of what Museum Comes to Life looks like on its creator’s website: Total Immersion.  Also on Museum landing page is a link to:

  • an online game Biggest Battle
  • additional games at a Night at the Museum branded NickJr site
  • FoxPop

Yes, FoxPop, the other nifty feature included with Museum.  This is your movie watching know it all buddy in the form of iPhone or PC (download, speakers and microphone required).  But why not listen to the guys over at Techland explain it by clicking on the video below:

Fox moves AR closer to mainstream and educates you on historical figures with Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian.  The BD also includes a Digital Copy to take with you on the go when you are away from your Home Theater, but a movie of this scale deserves your HDTV and surround sound for the DTS-HD Master Audio soundtrack.  Happy viewing!

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