OWL Shines Silverlight on BillboardLive.com < Live Streaming

Imogen Heap Live 12/3; R. Kelly, Daughtry on demand

Owl.tv R. Kelly Live, on Flickr BillboardLive.com has partnered with OWL.tv to use Microsoft Silverlight technology for streaming free concerts live to you on Thursday nights.  They even include a how-to video on watching it on you HDTV.  Do these people get it or what?

Our World Live (OWL), a music marketing and broadcasting company, is partnering with Billboard.com to bring music fans a new internet concert series .

Billboardlive.com utilizes OWL’s state-of-the-art technology, powered by Microsoft Silverlight to provide fans with five-camera angles, where the viewer becomes the director for the ultimate interactive viewing experience. Instead of being confined to traditional static concert footage, fans will have the ability for the first time ever to view the concert from five different angles of their choosing. In addition to the larger, full-screen view, fans will see four smaller screens at the bottom of their computer. They can replace the main image at any time with any of those views for a different experience with just the click of their mouse. Each show will also highlight a specific Billboard chart of the week. At the same time they can Twitter and send live messages to their Facebook friends directly from the concert 5 camera player.

via The Silverlight Blog – Home.

This is quite similar to NBC Sunday Night Football (SNF), the powerhouse free online streaming provider in several ways:

  • powered by Silverlight
  • multiple camera angles
  • Full HD

OWL.tv concerts differs from SNF in some major areas in that on BillboardLive it:

  • is not available any where else, SNF is OTA
  • archived for viewing on-demand
  • using web 2.0 social networks Facebook and twitter

Each concert in the series highlights a chart from Billboard magazine.  Two performances already presented and archived for your on demand viewing pleasure are Top 200 Album Chart topper  Daughtry (photo link below) and R&B superstar  R. Kelly (click on lead photo for link).

Daughtry LEAVETHISTOWN2 by owlTV, on Flickr

This week you are privileged to

Imogen Heap Live Concert

Imogen Heap
9:30 PM EST
Music Hall Of Williamsburg

Britain’s Indie Goddess… Vocal and Electronica Music Virtuoso, Imogen Heap will perform live and in HD here on BillboardLive.com on December 3 at 9:30 ET/ 6:30 PT.. Imogen Heap has a huge following with her concerts world-wide selling out in hours. Her latest CD “Ellipse” will be featured along with an incredible song list and performances featuring extraordinary eclectic instrumentation that is a must see!

via BillboardLive – Imogen Heap.

In case you are not familiar with her work, here is her rendition of Michael Jackson’s Thriller

Remaining announced concerts you can watch are:

  • David Archuleta on 12/17/2009
  • The Brian Setzer Orchestra Christmas Rocks! Extravaganza, Christmas Eve Special
  • Lady Gaga, New Year’s Eve Special
  • Alicia Keys continues her web tour on 1/7/2010
  • Usher 01/30/10

And should you find yourself away from your HDTV, Live Streaming is available from their iPhone Player.  Below is an interview clip with Daughtry.

So go fan OWL on Facebook and book your Thursday nights for live streaming concerts.  Happy viewing!


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