Make Merry for Moxi Mate

If you believe the internet, your Moxi content is no longer trapped to one room of your domicile! Arriving tonight, via twitter, was this news:

"The Moxi® Mate is a small, silent High-Definition Digital Media Player that
allows consumers to browse and play content from their Moxi HD DVR, the
Internet, and computers on the home network. The Moxi Mate is ideally suited for
bedrooms or other rooms where you want to enjoy recorded programming and other

Thin Client, not a Lightweight
With this little buddy, you can stream HD video over the web, from another PC on a wired network, or Moxi HD DVR. This is what’s known as a thin client: low power processor, no on board storage, extremely quiet. In theory, you could start your Moxi network with this bad boy and add big brother later. You’d be limited to the web and whatever content you have on your existing network, but it lets you get used to the user interface at nearly half the price.

Sure HD is nice, but what else can it do?

There is also an IR blaster port, so you can control another AV device such as the HDTV, for display input, or the volume on a surround sound receiver. There is an eSata port, so storage could be added for additional archive room or to improve the viewing experience and keeping large resolution files closer at hand. Some nice bells and whistles if this is the first in the Moxi family in your home.

Still to be determined is if the main Moxi HD DVR will need any type of firmware or software upgrade. And it wasn’t evident if more than one Moxi Mate is supported or if multiple rooms can happily co-exist simultaneously. Stay tuned.

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