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TiVo Still Best Buy in HD DVR Market < Cable

November 25, 2009

Strikes Deals with Google, Cable MSOs abroad and domestic

TiVo HD DVR with remoteTiVo announced new holiday pricing for TiVo HD DVR and TiVo HD XL DVR last week.  You get more savings when purchased with a new HDTV from TiVo’s new BFF.

While TiVo is clearly a holiday gift worth giving, don’ forget, the holidays aren’t just for giving they’re for getting. If you are thinking of buying an HDTV this holiday season, add on a TiVo to maximize your home entertainment experience. In addition to the already lowered price, customers can get an additional $100 off the cost of an HD TiVo DVR when buying an HDTV from Best Buy, lowering the price of a TiVo HD DVR to only $149.99.

via TiVo Inc. Investor Relations – RSS content.

Wondering how TiVo will  make up the costs?

TiVo is selling Google data gathered only from DVRs used by consumers who subscribe directly through the company (excluding those distributed via DirecTV or Comcast). TiVo had 1.6 million direct subscriptions as of the end of July; it is scheduled to report third quarter results on Tuesday.

via Google Tags TiVo For Set-Top Data – 2009-11-24 05:01:00 | Multichannel News.

And during  today’s investor call, TiVo shed light on what else it has in store for 2010

Besides linking up with Google, TiVo has some other big news coming out of its third quarter results, first that it lost less money than expected, a mere $6.7 million instead of the $8-10 predicted. Bigger than that for UK denizens, TiVo has cut a long-term deal with Virgin Media to put its software and UI on the cable company’s next gen set-top boxes, including access to online features, due in 2010. On this side of the Atlantic, besides resuming marketing in New England, the company’s work with Comcast will continue, including a tru2way mention, while Cox and RCN also deploy boxes throughout next year. The future for TiVo? Expect Best Buy’s digital video delivery store to find its way on the box soon, while the company also expands beyond just DVRs expecting to create “some very interesting product opportunities for our next generation TiVo products and services.” All that online content means the old peanut isn’t long for this world, with development of a new “keyboard remote control” under way, we just can’t wait to see if it’s beaming commands to any new DVRs at CES.

via TiVo’s 3Q results reveal Virgin Media UI deal, new remotes on the way — but no new boxes — Engadget HD.

From the call, you get the impression TiVo will be banking on three revenue streams in 2010, once you discount the ongoing infringements lawsuits:

  • Cable MSOs
  • Best Buy
  • Measurement data

Those three may not be mutually exclusive.  When discussing Google, CEO Tom Rogers described TiVo‘s ability to search and serve advertising as “truly unique value proposition” in a commodity market.  He carefully chose his words when referring to Comcast and ability to search content online, in the context of TV Everywhere.  Mr. Rogers’ optimism about the strategic marketing agreement with Best Buy was quite evident.  He emphasized TiVo‘s standing in the industry by reminding the audience CIMM asked for their input in creating a new ratings system in the digital age.

But no mention of TiVo Series 4.  The quickest way to a tru2way TiVo may be to sign up for Comcast.  Or wait for what Best Buy has in store.


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