Panasonic goes All In with 3D Pair < Blu-Ray

In response to Samsung’s Dreamwork’s deal, Panasonic calls, and raises by a studio, at the high stakes game of 3D Studio Poker

Panasonic, a leader in Full HD 3D technology, announced today exclusive agreements with two of Hollywood’s premiere film studios, Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment and Universal Studios Home Entertainment, to offer the Blu-ray 3D versions of Fox’s Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs and Universal’s Coraline, two of the industry’s most successful theatrical 3D titles, with its critically-acclaimed and award winning VIERA Full HD 3D TVs.

via Panasonic USA Pressroom.

Fox Home Entertainment, you may recall, is the distributer of Avatar, the industry’s most successful theatrical title, 3D or otherwise.  While a release date has not been set, the BD has been well received but many are waiting for the 3D version to widdle down the field.  Panasonic firmly is making a claim for a spot by leaving nothing to chance, enhancing its relationship with Fox, and adding Universal to help stack the deck.

One less chair at the final table.  Happy viewing!


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