More than half of all streaming boxes sold are Apple TVs


Apple (S AAPL) TV accounts for 56 percent of all streaming devices sold worldwide, according to select data from the Consumer Video Devices Market report published by market research outlet Frost & Sullivan this week. Roku is a not-so-close second with 21.5 percent of all global device sales.


Frost & Sullivan analyst Dan Rayburn thinks that the success of the Apple TV device has a lot to do with the popularity of iPads and iPhones:

“Apple TV’s AirPlay feature was strategically crafted to simplify the process of transferring laptop and tablet displays to a TV screen, and it is AirPlaying – not (online video) streaming – that is the primary reason for purchase of Apple TV devices.”

The executive summary of the report blogged by Rayburn doesn’t break out individual numbers for each vendor, but we know that Apple TV sold more than 13 million devices by the end of…

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