Wolverine Blu-ray Claws Way to the Top

In what may become the biggest determining factor to Blu-ray Disc (BD) adoption:

The price differential between Blu-ray and DVD continues to shrink, according to the latest studies.

Home Theater: Blu-ray Keeps Getting More Affordable

Price erosion or otherwise, the summer’s big box office winner X-Men Origins: Wolverine is leading Fox Home Entertainment’s charge to the shopping season

More than 20% of its copies were sold in the high-definition format, said Fox. That outdoes the industry average, which Rentrak’s Retail Essentials pegs at 12.5%.

Wolverine shows off Q4 DVD, Blu-ray potential – 9/24/2009 – Video Business

When the video game sales are factored in, Wolverine will turn out to be a very big winner.

[clearspring_widget title=”X-Men Origins: Wolverine Videos” wid=”4986b28fb0dcd979″ pid=”4abd7cc5b4f8686e” width=”500″ height=”281″ domain=”widgets.clearspring.com”]

More encouraging, is creative bundling to further spur sales of the BD

Also revealed at the demo, Walmart will be exclusively selling a Blu-ray/standard-def DVD combo of Wolverine. A straight Blu-ray version, including digital copy, will be available at all retailers. At Walmart, the Blu-ray/DVD also will contain digital copy.

Fox will expand BD Live use of IMDb – 9/10/2009 – Video Business

BD Players are often added to the main theater room, Poor Man’s or full sized, relegating the standard DVD to a secondary room.  While Digital Copy is nice, for those that wish to take their movies with them on the go, a DVD is a nice option.  Not too many folks with BD Players or video capable portable music players (PMP) in their car, though.


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