Lost Returns from Comic-Con Tasers Ablazing

Today was a big day for ABC’s hit TV show LOST.

First, for those in need of a re-watch and not satisfied with only two episodes per week on the network’s local affiliates Get LOST rerun series, the entire Season 1 is on

Hulu – Lost: “Availability Notes: Season 1 and five episodes from Season 5 are currently available for online streaming. We’ll post additional seasons as they are made available.”

More recently, the good folks at TV Shows on DVD shared information about the Season 5 Blu Ray set, due December 8, 2009 and featuring a nifty BD Live feature.

That San Diego weather does have a wonderful effect, doesn’t it?

[clearspring_widget title=”LOST at Comic-Con 2009!” wid=”48bda4baaf82f1d1″ pid=”4a7862c2f628b9aa” width=”308″ height=”235″ domain=”widgets.abc.go.com”]


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