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Fox ‘tweet-peats’ into the next Century

September 3, 2009

Just when you got tired of summer re-runs, Fox finds a way to spice thing. Wednesday they aired a DIRECTOR’S CUT of the show Glee. For those not familiar, here’s a quick introduction prior to the launch last May

But the real fun begins Thursday.

Fox is teaming with Twitter to give repeats a 21st century twist.

The network this week will introduce “tweet-peats” of “Fringe” and “Glee”: encore presentations accompanied by messages from cast and producers via the online social network.

‘Fringe’ + ‘Glee’ + Twitter = ‘tweet-peats’–The Live Feed

Call it poor man’s BD Live.  Similar to the online viewing party,  where you can watch with your friends and comment along with the action, Fox goes one better and gets the show runners and actors to join the fun.  Talk about a great way to promote the season premier!

It is out of band, but if ideas like this catch on, you will no doubt see new HDTV widgets and Over the Top (OTT) players integrate this type of functionality, along the lines of what CNN does.

This is a great experiment and will no doubt pay in the ratings.  There is now a real incentive to watch this broadcast live, otherwise the tweets may not make sense.  Sure, someone will synchronize them together, you certainly had fun doing the Wizard of OzPink Floyd mash up, right?

These will be the pilot runs, so bear with them.  Let’s not forget free internet services and their stability.  Technical maladies notwithstanding, if executed properly hard core fans now have a reason to  forgo the DVR.  They can trade the remote in their hands for an iPhone, Blackberry, or preferred tweet sink, sit back, and watch.  How novel.  Who knows, a commercial may  even catch someone’s eye.  Is it too late to buy ad time for these times?

Check out Hulu for a Glee web exclusive

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