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Look3D Making Home 3D Fashionable < Packaged Media

November 14, 2009

Leaders in 3D Digital Vision | Look3D

What will be the killer app to bring stereoscopic 3D home?  How about designer glasses?

Love 3D movies but hate the way you look in the glasses? The problem is solved. Specialist eyeware company Look3D and 3D cinema technology house RealD inked a licensing agreement Oct. 28 for Look3D to design, manufacture and distribute RealD 3D certified premium eyewear. Glasses for adults and children will go on sale in December at theaters and online. RealD is also in the process of rolling out free 3D glasses for kids at theaters.

via 3D glasses get makeover – Entertainment News, Film News, Media – Variety.


  • purchasing tickets for insert name of hit S3D movie
  • taking glasses  your child just watched the movie with home for “free”
  • breaking out those same stylish glasses in your Home Theater after buying said movie on Blu-Ray to watch on your HDTV

Of course, Look3D hopes you end up:

  • going to your favorite luxury lens ware boutique
  • plunking down full retail for one of their many attractive styles
  • buying the latest pair customized just for insert name of hit S3D movie out on Blu-Ray

One major advantage of scenario one, where you take home glasses for re-use at home, is audience expectation that watching in their Home Theater will equal the experience at the cinema.  Provided, of course, this Home Theater is properly equipped with

  • S3D capable HDTV display 
  • S3D capable BD player
  • quality S3D content

The race to standardize on a S3D glasses technology continues, but polarized could break away from active shutter thanks to Look3D and Real3D.  After all, every movie looks better in S3D!  Happy viewing.



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