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Transforming Forrest Gump DVD to Sapphire Saves Money < Packaged Media

November 8, 2009

Paramount Sapphire Forrest Gump

Paramount welcomes Forrest Gump into its exclusive club for Best Picture Academy Award winners on Blu-Ray disc, the Sapphire Series.

The third film to be released under the Sapphire Series banner Forrest Gump receives a solid A/V presentation. The Blu-ray has a very film-like presentation that can be a bit soft from time to time but the natural detail and film grain are preserved beautifully. Colors are slightly muted but retain the look of the periods depicted in the film. The special effects hold up well but aren’t as seamless as they looked when this first hit theaters. I didn’t notice any signs of digital noise reduction or ringing. The DTS-HD soundtrack is impressive. This film came out shortly after the move to discrete 5.1 in theaters and it seems like a lot of films were amping up their sound design considerably. There is some great low bass extension here and the mix has a very open and airy feel that really fills up the room nicely.

via Home Theater: Forrest Gump—Paramount Pictures (Blu-ray).

After reading a review like that, every Home Theater enthusiast’s mind  should be made up to add it to their collection.  What’s that?  It already is in your collection and you think it looks just fine on your HDTV?  Well, Sapphire Series membership has its privileges and one of the best is current owners of these movies on DVD may mail away to receive a $10 rebate after purchasing it anew on BD.

Another Paramount BD release, Transformers, 2007’s prequel to current BD chart topping Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, has also been extended the courtesy of $10 mail-in rebate, despite not taking home Oscar‘s grand prize.  Happy viewing.

Forrest Gump – TrailerThese bloopers are hilarious

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