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Fox turns to Imus, Geek Appeal for Ratings Boost

October 5, 2009

Today, October 5th, 2009 Don Imus returns to cable TV on Fox Business News.  For those with subscription packages yet to include this channel, the show, a simulcast of the Imus radio show, is one of the fledging soon to be 2-year-old news network increase its reach

Since its launch, Fox Business Network’s morning audience has regularly been dwarfed by CNBC, and television analysts have said it needs a jolt. Imus may provide that, but his show also raises questions about whether the network will continue to concentrate on business news or is ready to move in other directions to attract viewers

Fox business TV to simulcast Don Imus radio show | Entertainment | Reuters LIVE.  There is morning and noon editions of  hosted market outlook programming, a chat feature, running stock charts, and headlines.

In another room of the Murdoch McMansion, the broadcast show Dollhouse is appealing to its tech savvy audience with a pseudo interactive computer application.  She pops right out of your HDTV and onto your desktop.  You can bet Urgo here downloaded it.

Dollhouse Exposed – How To Hack In & Who Runs ItClick here for the most popular videos 

So not only does the show have hidden clues, but you may extend the Virtual Echo experience with a printable web cam interface, similar to what ABC used for FlashForward

“Dollhouse” fans are definitely going to get a kick out of Desktop Echo. While the Augmented Reality Echo employs your Web cam to create the background so when looking at your screen Echo appears to be in your room

 Fox unveils ‘Virtual Echo’ for ‘Dollhouse’ fans–The Live Feed | THR

On the heels of the tweet-peats, the creativity keeps on coming from the Fox Digital and Interactive group.  Let’s hope it translates into ratings and it spurs more creativity, not just copy cats.  Happy viewing and interacting!

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