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Terminator Says Saturday Night’s Alright for Salvation < Blu-Ray

December 5, 2009

Inaugural Audio-enabled Warner Bros BD Live Event

Terminator Salvation &lt; BD Live | Warner Bros Blu-RayTerminator Salvation, or T4, will have a Live Community Screening (LCS) Dec 5th 2009 at 6PM PST.  If you own the Warner Bros  Blu-Ray Disc (BD) and your Home Theater is BD Live capable, then not only will you be able to watch the action thriller on your HDTV but also hear the fan interaction.

Warner Home Video will roll out an audio-enabled live community screening of Terminator Salvation—an industry first—on Dec. 5 at 6 p.m. PST.

Terminator to offer first audio BD Live screening – 10/16/2009 – Video Business

The first 100,000 to RSVP are guaranteed to hear questions answered by McG via Warner Bros. BD-Live.  You have until 15 minutes prior to published start to complete registration.  Curiously you aren’t prompted for:
  • Terminator Salvation BD
  • Warner Bros Digital Copy Code
  • Facebook credentials

The first two must bank on no one except owners of the BD having any interest in the LCS event.  The omission of Facebook is surprising because back in July, Warner Bros tied its Watchmen LCS to Facebook Connect and Warner Bros will do so again with its upcoming Harry Potter release.  Apparently, not all the WB Maximum Movie Mode are using Facebook Connect, despite earlier reports:

Warner Home Video has already committed to enabling its forthcoming new releases with Facebook features

BD Live usage increases, as more features are added – 9/4/2009 – Video Business

It is understandable when you consider that this LCS will be first of kind and it is most likely a scenario that Warner Bros, wisely, wants to limit the reach to have better quality control over the event. So Warner Bros gets a pass this week and expect any lessons learned would to be applied to next week’s Harry Potter LCS.

In the meantime, you can start placing bets on whether the Terminator franchise being up for bid will come up as a question.  Happy viewing!

Terminator: Salvation? – Entertainment News, Film News, Media – Variety: “Halcyon had said a month ago that it would determine by Nov. 20 which offer would serve as a ‘stalking horse’ and set the minimum bid price for the ‘Terminator’ assets, which include rights to future ‘Terminator’ pics, TV series, DVDs and merchandise. But the company said Thursday that it will eschew that part of the process.”


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