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Boxee Box Surfaces on HDTV in 2010 < Streaming

December 9, 2009

D-Link Unmasked as Manufacturer

Boxee - Boxee Box by D-LinkBoxee held its Grand Beta Coming Out Party Monday including a sneak peek at its social networking HDTV software UI refresh and revealing partners:
  • D-Link, manufacturer of Boxee Box
  • nVIDIA, development support in porting to DirectX on Windows
  • The Escapist, Suicide Girls, and Clicker as new apps

Andrew Kippen, VP of Marketing, provided more official details in today’s blog:

It was designed by Astro Studios, the team who crafted designs for the Xbox 360, watches from Nike, Alienware PCs. It’s being built by D-Link, the leading networking company for homes & small businesses. Working with D-Link means that we’ll be able to design, build, and release a Boxee Box at a low cost to a ton of etail and retail outlets.

Boxee Blog

boxee-box-rear: only HDMI video and why RCA Audio Pairs

Scanning the comments, most issued you may are already being voiced:

  • will HDMI support audio (answer was yes)
  • why only RF for the remote (USB IR dongle will be available)
  • comparisons to Roku (no HDD) and AppleTV (only HDMI video)

as well as the money question, literally: will it fall under a $150 price point.  If you believe the internet: no.  While this may not be a deal breaker, $150 does seem like a better number than Engadget’s $200, considering:

  • no HDD
  • no tuner
  • no assurance of nVIDIA graphics

It’s a great (and logical) guess that since nVIDIA helped switch to Microsoft’s DirectX, the graphics inside Boxee Box are powered by ION.

You’ll have to wait until January.  But even then, considering Roku’s price points and new open channel policy, how much more can D-Link expect to recoup for brand recognition over the Box Formerly Known as the Netflix Player?

All in all, this is a great looking product and hopefully all will be revealed at CES in January.  Until that time, apply for early access to Boxee Beta and happy viewing.

For those new to Boxee, please click on the video at the end of the post.

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