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Alicia Keys Live on YouTube World AIDS Day < Live Streaming

November 30, 2009

Songstress Promotes Album, Children’s Cause with Free Online Concert

Alicia Keys Live! on World AIDS Day - December 1st.| The Official Alicia Keys Site | News Alicia Keys helps spread awareness with a free webcast of her show Tuesday December 1st.  Where is the show?  Where else?  In the Empire State, NYC’s Nokia Theater.

Ms. Keys’ show is one part U2, streamed on YouTube, and one part Foo Fighters, leading her new album on sale later this month.  But not quite, Rihanna, whose  show was sponsored by Nokia since Ms. Keys’ show is for charity.

Alicia Keys Live! on World AIDS Day – December 1st.| November 25, 2009

One Night, One Voice, One Life At A Time: Alicia Keys will be performing at the Nokia Theatre in NYC on December 1st (World AIDS Day).

Tune in to Alicia’s YouTube channel at to see the entire concert streamed live on YouTube on 12/1 at 8pm EST and don’t forget to RSVP on Facebook!

via The Official Alicia Keys Site | News.

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Ms. Keys’ show is slightly different from U2 in at least one major way.  Thanks to a high profile charity, it has corporate sponsorship.  No word if the budget allowed for 1080p that YouTube now supports.  Similar to Foo Fighters and Rihanna, you may RSVP on Facebook in advance to help spread the word.  And why not, all proceeds go to a worthy cause in Keep a Child Alive.  Happy viewing.

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