You Think ‘Girls’ is Over the Top now, HBO puts Season 3 on YouTube < Streaming

Girls Living the Dream PosterFor months, years in some cases, fans of HBO has asked for an ala carte version of its popular HBO GO service, no requiring a Pay TV¬†subscription. ¬†Could this week’s announcement be a step towards cord cutter nirvana ?

HBO will upload the first two episodes of Girls season three onto the network’s YouTube channel on Jan. 13 at 10 a.m. ET, just 12 hours after they premiere on HBO.Rather than requiring fans to watch live during Sunday’s two-part premiere or forcing them to catch up using its HBO GO subscription service, offering the episodes for free on YouTube is one way the network is courting the show’s active online fan base.

via HBO Is Putting First Episodes of ‘Girls’ Season 3 on YouTube.

This is along the line of what Showtime did last week with its winter premieres and similarly to when HBO syndicated the series premiere episodes on the popular video site.

Happy viewing!


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