CES 2014 Vizio leading way to 4K, away from 3D < HDTV

In what seems to be a natural progression, HDTV manufacturers are moving from 3, as in 3D, to 4 as in 4K UltraHD.

Vizio made some headlines this week at CES with its decision not to include any 3D TVs into its lineup of 2014 sets. Some saw this as a sign that 3D TV was dead — but Vizio CTO Matt McRae didn’t think that was accurate when I caught up with him at his company’s CES showcase Tuesday. Vizio hasn’t given up on 3D altogether, he told me.

via Actually, Vizio hasn’t given up on 3D TVs, but on 3D glasses — Tech News and Analysis.

Will 4K succeed where 3D did not?  Watch the clip below to see if Vizio’s new line featuring UltraHD will get you to bring one home from the showroom.  Happy viewing!


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