Sherlock Holmes LCS, Elementary My Dear Watson < Blu-Ray

Sherlock Holmes Wallpaper < WB Insider Rewards | Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.Warner Bros. Home Entertainmentsupports today’s release of Sherlock Holmes with a Live Community Screening (LCS) on its WB BD Live network.

Reserve Your Spot Now For This One-time Event!
Watch Sherlock Holmes and Hear Robert Downey Jr. Answer Your Questions via WB BD-Live!*

April 1 at 9PM (EST) / 6PM (PST)

In order to participate, you must have the following:

  • Sherlock Holmes on Blu-ray Disc (Buy It March 30)
  • Blu-ray player that supports BD-Live and is connected to the Internet**
  • Internet connected computer to send in questions

Registration will close on April 1, 8:45 PM (EST)

*Live Community Screening will be held in English Only

**Please consult your Blu-ray Player’s manufacturer’s website for information on connecting to the Internet and BD-Live

via Warner Bros. Live Community Screening Event.

Robert Downey Jr. follows McG and Daniel Radcliffe in spending time with the fans of blockbuster movies Terminator: Salvation and Harry Potter and answering questions on a live community screening.

Sherlock Holmes LCS is this Thursday, so hurry out and get your Blu-Ray disc, sign up at WB BD Live and happy viewing!

Watch the mystery unfold live with Robert Downey, Jr. during a Live Community Screening of Sherlock Holmes on April 1st at 9pm EST exclusively on the Sherlock Holmes Blu-ray disc. For event details and to sign up, go to

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