Know How to Whistle? Livestream is Your Informant < Blu-Ray


Warner Bros. tries something new this week with a live panel session tangentially related to its upcoming Home Entertainment release of The Informant starring Matt Damon on Blu-Ray Disc.

To celebrate the DVD release of The Informant! starring Matt Damon,Warner Bros. Pictures and Participant Media invite you to watch Anyone Can Whistle! on Wednesday, February 17, at 7:00pm EST / 4:00pm PST. This very special panel will feature appearances by elected officials, policy experts and legendary whistleblowers who have changed the course of history. The true heroes of of their age, these are the folks that have exposed some of the biggest cover-ups and crimes in recent memory. Included in this broadcast will be a special appearance by the most famous of informants, retired NYPD police officer Frank Serpico, who rose to fame after the book and film documenting his testimony against the department’s corruption in 1971. You won’t want to miss his and other real-life tales of truth-tellers and tattle-tales. Watch it at

via Livestream Blog » Blog Archive » This Week on Livestream: Oscars Luncheon, tobyMac, TEDxAustin and much more!.

After watchting the panel, if you are inspired to do your part ot support Whistleblowers, Participant Media is supporting the National Whistleblower Protection Act with a website promoting government and corporate accountability.  If Take Part is not your cup of tea, you at least have to admit, it is not your usual BD release promotion.  Speaking of which, not your typical save the dolphins video clip below.  Happy viewing.


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