Get Schooled While Waiting for LOST the Final Season < BLU-RAY

LOST UNIVERSITY  NOW AVAILABLE ON BLU-RAYLOST University kicks off its second semester this week.  If you already own LOST Season 5 on Blu-Ray Disc (BD) for viewing on your HDTV, then connect it up to the web and matriculate now!

Print out your personalized Student ID card, take a placement test, and complete your first class by clicking below. Then visit our state-of-the-art campus on the LOST Complete Fifth Season Blu-rayTM, powered by BD-LiveTM, to get the full LOST U experience – including over a dozen exciting classes taught by our world-renowned faculty.


ABC lets you stream the first five seasons of LOST in their entirety and in HD.  Either to  whet the appetite for LOST’s series conclusion or to appease the hardcore sci-fi fan’s numerous questions, LOST University is more than merely an incentive to purchase Season 5 on BD.

LOST show-runners take advantage of other media to fill in (further tease, really) the vast mythology of the mysterious Island at the center of the action drama.  Past breaks leading into season premieres have been witness to:

Past LOST season collections on BD have included Bonus Features and Easter Eggs revealing clues to the Island’s mysteries, but University marks the first use of BD Live and a good one at that.  Using actual professors not only gives the sci-fi more credibility, but should appeal to the hardcore fans that routinely look for holes in the show’s theories.  Or it may just give them more fuel to call shenanigans on the whole thing.

Last season’s Recruiting Project did not run its course, upsetting some of the hardcore fans, but these alternate reality games (ARG) generally are met with a good reception.  Seeing as how ABC agreed not to run any new footage from the Final Season in promoting LOST, semester two should be a lock. 

The video below is a glimpse at first semester’s Physics 101 course.  Study hard for that Final and Happy Viewing!

via YouTube – abclost’s Channel

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