Jumpstart Your Home Theater Movie Collection < Blu-ray

The Final Destination via Official Site http://thefinaldestinationmovie.com/dvd/

The Final Destination Available 1/5/2010 on BD & DVD

Warner Bros. recently announced starting 2010Q1 all Blu-Ray Discs will ship with a DVD copy as well.  

The combo packs will include both standard DVD and Blu-ray copies of the film, as well as digital copy. Warner will also include exclusive extras and BD-Live interactivity on each Blu-ray Disc. 

Warner keeps pace with other studios that have announced dual-format releases in recent months. Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment has released many of its new theatrical titles as combo sets, and Universal Studios Home Entertainment said it will introduce titles as flipper discs (one side Blu-ray the other side DVD) next month, starting with the Bourne franchise. 

via WHV To Release BD/DVD Combo Packs – 2009-12-17 19:10:01 | TWICE

Disney and Warner Bros. also now have similar upgrade programs, in case someone did not get the memo and stuck you with standard DVD’s for the Holidays, instead of Blu-Ray Discs

Disney continues its push to allow you to watch their films anywhere on any device with a subsidized BD if you prove purchase of a DVD. 

Welcome to the Disney Blu-Ray Upgrade Site, your resource for Disney Blu-Ray offers, information and Bluray upgrade opportunities. 

Disney Blu-Ray Upgrade Program 

Warner has slightly modified its HD-DVD upgrade program, from the when it made the switch to BD, for standard DVD’s. 

Upgrade your Warner Bros. DVD titles for new industry-leading Blu-ray discs and unleash the power of your HDTV through the WBshop.com DVD2Blu program 

Warner Bros. DVDs for New Blu-ray Discs 

Here’s a quick side by side run down comparing the upgrade steps:

Warner Bros. DVD2BD 

  1. Select DVD to upgrade (55 to choose from, limit to 25, $7.95-$9.95)
  2. Mail original DVD
  3. Receive BD 4-5 weeks later

Disney Blu-Ray Upgrade 

  1. Select DVD titles you own (57 to choose from, no limit)
  2. Print out upgrade form
  3. Attach proof of purchase tabs to form
  4. Mail form
  5. Receive $8 coupon via email
Disney has advantage of letting you keep the original DVD, and may charge you a bit more for that privilege.  Disney‘s philosophy is that you will want that copy to throw into the car or another room without an HDTV display.  Warner is sending a bit of a mixed message but the take away is that you get your favorite movies on BD.  Happy viewing.

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  1. san diego home theater installation Says:

    would still buy DVD’s, I am not sure about BLu-Ray, is it better

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