PlayStation Network Store Key to Disney Chest < Blu-Ray

G-Force | Now On Blu-ray, DVD & Movie Download | Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment G-Force arrives on Blu-Ray disc this week from Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment.  Similar to last month’s Oscar favorite, Up , G-Force was available day and date on the Sony PlayStation Network Store.

Starting tomorrow, November 10, you can purchase Disney Pixar’s Up from the PlayStation Network video delivery service — the same day it’s released on Blu-ray and DVD. The movie is available to own for $14.99 in standard-definition and $19.99 in high-definition.

Disney Selection on PSN is Way UP! – PlayStation.Blog

G-Force showed up on PSN Store on Tuesday, but received little fanfare leading up to release, especially when compared to trailblazer Up.  By the same token, the PSN Store news about Disney features available for purchase may have been overshadowed itself.  Previously on for rental, PSN Store first began offering Disney feature film purchases in November, around the same time all the Disney Keychest talk started.  To help refresh your memory:

Disney wants to sell you a “key” to store your digital media in the cloud, according to a new report. The service, called Disney Keychest, would allow you to pay a single price The technology would allow consumers to pay a single price for permanent access to a viewable media across multiple digital platforms and devices.

Disney’s Keychest to Allow Cloud Storage of Multiple Media Types | HULIQ

Disney is well on its way to achieving the multiple platforms part of that ambition with its BD combo pack strategy.  Top of the line packages, at times up to 4 physical media discs, include:

  • BD
  • DVD
  • Digital Copy

Disney,  by partnering with Sony PSN Store, could begin to adopt Sony Picture Home Entertainment model of servicing portable platforms.  While limited to PSP, new Sony BD purchases may be transferred over to the handheld console using a PS3 and the physical BD media.

Including the digital copy directly on the Blu-ray Disc eliminates the need for Sony to package a separate DVD carrying the PSP digital copy, as it has done in the past.

Sony To Add PSP Digital Copies To BD Releases – 2009-09-29 13:32:26 | TWICE

Disney would then be one step closer to not only a single price, but a single physical media disc.  That may mean significant  savings in production costs.  It would be hard to imagine going to no physical media  what so ever in the immediate future, but the thought of those margins has to be very tempting and, more than likely, on the roadmap.

Historically Disney treats each title on its own merits, be it

  • new releases
  • Diamond Editions from the Vault
  • Disney Channel movies or compilations

However the last two new releases have seen day and date availability as digital downloads, even if the official Disney store only links to iTunes.  Could it mean that PSN Store will eventually be included in the Keychest picture?

Until Apple adopts BD, it would appear they’d have to watch out for Disney pulling their titles from the iTunes Store, no?  Your comments would most certainly be welcomed.

In the meantime, if you are still a fan of optical physical media you can put on a shelf: download the $10 coupon, get the G-Force BD up on your big screen HDTV and happy viewing!

YouTube – G-Force OFFICIAL Disney Trailer – Getting Adopted

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