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Concert Series Takes Holiday Turn

David Archuleta -- BillboardLive.com

BillboardLive OWL.tv show Thursday, December 17th gets you in the Christmas mood with David Archuleta of American Idol fame.  The concert from Foxwoods is set to start at 10PM EST.

BillboardLive.com, webhost for OWL.tv’s concert series has been constantly tinkering since launching back in October.  In November, Symbian covered the back-end technology from a cellular phone perspective.

BillboardLive.com launched the first of their many live HD concert series on October 29 featuring R. Kelly live from the Nokia Theatre in Dallas. Fans were able to view a free up-close live concert experience in HD from their computer and the iPhone thanks to global media group Our World Live (OWL), and its partners iStreamPlanet and Akamai Technologies. This week, OWL’s BillboardLive.com will be featuring Daughtry as their follow up show tonight. Additionally, BillboardLive.com has locked in upcoming concert broadcasts from superstars:

  • David Archuleta Thursday, December 17, 2009
  • Alicia Keys Thursday, January 7, 2010
  • Usher Saturday, January 23, 2010

Our World Live Teams With iStreamPlanet and Akamai Technologies to Deliver Live Concerts in HD to the Desktop and the iPhone

Silverlight, the Microsoft interactive web technology, powers the live streaming event.  However, since the Imogen Heap show, the coming attractions have been served up using Adobe Flash

Partners BillboardLive and OWL each promote the show using:

Great as it is that they are using all these wonderful web 2.0 tools, if they want more viewers to stream concerts to HDTV displays, Billboard and Our World Live may want to  consider settling on one brand image.  The current landscape is somewhat splintered and could be potentially reducing the streams served out, impacting sponsorships.  BillboardLive, OWL, or Our World Live.  Pick one and run with it, guys.  After that, it will lead to much more: Happy viewing!

YouTube – David Archuleta FREE live HD webcast on 12/17/09 on BillboardLive.com

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