S3D Actively Xpand to US using DLP Link < Blu-Ray

Aren’t nVIDIA, Samsung, and Mitsubishi Already Doing this?

YouTube – xpand3.wmv
XpanD, Europe’s dominant stereoscopic 3D (S3D) system provider is planning on taking the US by storm with DLP Link.  Promising to be backwards compatible with the Texas Instruments technology powering a portion of new HDTV projectors, DLP link can be added after market via a USB dongle.

Xpand, the only current purveyor of active/shutter glass S3D for movie theaters, is making an aggressive move in hopes of becoming the de facto standard for home 3D, introducing technology that will make millions of existing computer monitors and laptop screens ‘3D-ready’ overnight — but only with Xpand glasses.

S3D to get CES showcase – Entertainment News, David Cohen, Media – Variety

After reading the article above you may notice

  • only HD DLP projectors are mentioned, not DLP HDTV displays
  • lots of if and will sprinkled throughout
  • focus on PC monitors, or gaming and game consoles, in other words

XpanD also plans on competing with RealD in the area of personalized glasses.  Oh and they have to fight them off in the UK as well as here in the states.

What lacked from the story is that nVIDIA already provides a USB based after market solution that works with Samsung PC monitors and Mitsubishi DLP HDTV displays already on the market.  So what will be the differentiator?

Content is king, especially in introducing S3D to the Home Theater. If you believe the internet, a re-release from the King of Pop is forthcoming and that would certainly speed up adoption.  For the time being, the race to beat the new S3D Blu-Ray standard is still afoot.  Be it game titles or movies, it may not come down to quality but quantity of content in terms of new releases and archive re-releases.  Polarized or shutter, the winner won’t be determined by the glasses, but that they can provide you with:  Happy viewing.
YouTube – 3D Glasses – LCD system by XpanD

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