ABC Launches LOST The Final Season Groundhog Day 2010 < Broadcast

Highly Anticipated Season Premiere Sees Series Shift to Tuesday Nights

LOST Premiere Event Tuesday February 2nd 8/7c LOST will premiere on a new day when it returns, announced ABC, and LOST show-runners chose a very interesting date.  Fans of LOST recall September 22, 2004 to be series premiere date.  In this hemisphere, that is Autumnal Equinox  and fueled many fan theories on significance between that date and island mysteries.

ABC will launch the final season of “Lost” on Feb. 2. The show is moving to Tuesday nights at 9 p.m. for its last season. The return event will include a recap episode followed by a two-hour premiere. ABC has been keeping a tight lid on preview footage at the behest of producers and so far has only shown this as a trailer.

via ABC moves ‘Lost,’ books premiere date–The Live Feed | THR.

If you have not seen the archive footage only teaser trailer for the Final Season, click below.

First ‘Lost’ final season teaser (video)*–The Live Feed

THR: “One school of thought at the network is to not show any new footage — anywhere — before the premiere. That would be quite something and likely unprecedented. If that happens, well, this is all the ‘Lost’ you’re gonna get anytime soon. I suspect the network will figure out a way to show something in future trailers. Glimpses, at least.”

And the inevitable LOST and Groundhog Day movie comparisons have already begun.  Happy viewing.


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One Response to “ABC Launches LOST The Final Season Groundhog Day 2010 < Broadcast”

  1. Talk Radio dude Says:

    It is so sad that the finale of Lost is tonight.

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