Syfy Sponsors Burton Wonderland at MoMA < Cable | Henry Villadiego

Disney's Alice in Wonderland, A Tim Burton Film This weekend MoMA opens 4 floors of exhibit dedicated to filmmaker Tim Burton.  Cable station Syfy, formerly known as Sci-Fi, has several plans for its secured sponsorship.

Syfy is sole sponsor of a coming (Nov. 22-April 26) exhibition at New York’s Museum of Modern Art on filmmaker Tim Burton, creator of Edward Scissorhands, The Nightmare Before Christmas and the imminent Alice in Wonderland with Anne Hathaway and Johnny Depp.

As a bonus, Syfy can adapt an original Tim Burton short animation (pictured left and seen at this link) for 30-second brand messages across those NBC Universal TV properties of which Comcast is so enamored.

via A Tim Burton Animation is Syfy’s MOMA Bonus – 2009-11-16 15:25:07 | Multichannel News.

Not mentioned in the article, surprisingly, is December’s two night event Alice.  You would think with Burton producing a similar themed film, a modern view of Wonderland as visited by an older Alice, that there would be

  • conflict
  • synergy
  • acknowledgement, at the very least

But not of the above, apparently.  Perhaps Syfy is planning something big, leveraging Disney’s stereoscopic Disney Digital 3D film slated for March release, and wants to keep it under wraps.  The nice thing about Syfy’s Alice is you can watch it next month on your HDTV.  A sneak peek video is embedded below.

According to this advance review, one of the few that can be gathered on the web, Alice will appeal to fans of Syfy’s previous literary little girl visits strange land as grown up version modernization, Tin Man.  And if Syfy wants to continue Alan Moore’s Lost Girls controversial line-up, Wendy and Neverland are up next.

For more information on the Tim Burton exhibit, visit the behind the scenes blog.  Below is the trailer for Burton’s Alice in Wonderland to compare to Syfy’s Alice.  Be it, Museum, Syfy, or Disney Digital 3D: Happy viewing.

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