Rihanna Debuts Album Online < Live Streaming | Henry Villadiego

See Rihanna, live and exclusive onlineRihanna promotes her new album, due to hit stores next week, with a live show in London, today.  You can stream it on the web for free.

The countdown is nearly over so get ready for the biggest music event of the year. You’ve got just enough time to make sure all your friends are online, signed into Facebook and ready to watch with you before the gig starts. If you want to join, or just follow, the conversation on Twitter select the Twitter tab above and get talking. The show starts at 8pm GMT on Monday 16th November, but get here from 7pm to join in the build up.

via Now Playing » Rihanna Live 16 No 8pm GMT.

Nokia is hosting the performance on its site and has all the essential web 2.0 tools in place for you to chat it up, while you watch

  • twitter 
  • Facebook connect
  • dedicated widget

They may want to work on the pre-sales website.

If you are unable to be in front of your HDTV at home or afraid to crank it up at the office, you can visit your nearest Nokia store and watch there.  Happy viewing!

The performance will be streamed online and broadcast via satellite to locations all over the globe including Nokia stores in New York & Chicago.



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One Response to “Rihanna Debuts Album Online < Live Streaming | Henry Villadiego”

  1. Henry Villadiego Says:

    In case you missed the show, click on the widget above for highlights. Happy viewing!

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