ARRIS Cuts Moxi Multi-Room Pricing, adds New Three-Tuner Moxi HD DVR

Medialink - Netflix | In presenting at Needham Broadband TechDay, Arris Group, Inc. barely mentioned Moxi or product and pricing announcements made earlier this week:

As part of its first product update since acquiring the award-winning Moxi product line from Digeo, Inc. in September, ARRIS (Nasdaq: ARRS) today announced the introduction of a three-tuner version of the Moxi HD DVR as well as reduced pricing for its two-tuner Moxi HD DVR and Moxi multi-room packages

ARRIS : Press/Events :New Three-Tuner Moxi® HD DVR and Reduced Pricing for Moxi Multi-Room Packages Unwrapped for Holiday Season

For the old price of the Moxi DVR, you can now purchase a two room bundle that includes the new 3 HD Tuner device.  And if you believe the internet, a software update to stream live video to Moxi Mate is coming soon.  For $200 more, you may add a third room.

Arris also did not mention:

  • tru2way or switched digital video
  • new application support or content partners
  • the software update alluded to on the Moxi site

Arris did make clear that they see video as the largest driver of their business “from the head end to the home.”  As the number one supplier of voice and data home gateways, video is the next logical area for Arris’s growth.  Moxi is right at the heart.

And Arris should be commended for putting their money where their mouth, not only by accepting growing pains associated with acquiring Digeo, in terms of operating expenses, but also

  • maintaining Moxi  one time fee model
  • driving the cost of entry lower
  • adding features at the higher end (additional tuner)

By building the Moxi brand, Arris is reinforcing their claim

  • IPTV will power Set-top boxes (STB) not QAM
  • video evolution will drive demand for wide band cable modems
  • residential gateways will lead acceptance of their core DOCSIS products, more so than commercial consumers

Recent news from Motorola confirm the first and industry concerns about confusion among SlingboxTV Everywhere, and ATSC Mobile DTV validate Arris looking elsewhere to maintain its solid financials.  And that’s good news for Moxi fans and those on the fence about taking the plunge.  

Do hear that NetflixMoxi should be sticking around if you are looking for another appliance.


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