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If you believe the internet, YouTube‘s free U2 concert last week drew 10 million live streams.  The number of hits for the archived version has exceeded 1.3 million in less than one week since the original broadcast.

No comment on how many unique viewers, but impressive nonetheless.

YouTube(YouTube) is calling the U2 concert the largest event in the company’s history and it very well could be a glimpse into what the Google(Google)-owned service plans in the future.

After all, it’s hard to make money off of short-form content, but with live streams, YouTube could potentially capitalize and maybe even come up with a payment model (a la Pay-Per-View) for really big events

U2’s YouTube Concert Grabs 10 Million Live Streams

This week, the Foo Fighters get into the live streaming free concert

In a one-time only event commemorating their 15 years as a band and their first ever Greatest Hits compilation, Foo Fighters will perform an exclusive live over the internet concert from the band’s own 606 studio complex this Friday October 30th at 7pm (PT) / 10pm (ET). In what will essentially be their only U.S. concert appearance in support of Greatest Hits, Dave Grohl, Taylor Hawkins, Nate Mendel and Chris Shiflett will bang out a career-spanning set webcast over both Facebook and Livestream, while allowing fans to comment, make requests and otherwise interact with the band in real time via Facebook and Twitter.

Live Performance from Studio 606 | The Official Foo Fighters Site

You won’t have as many options connecting it to your HDTV, but Boxee is looking into it, for you AppleTV owners that haven’t moved to their new upgrade.  Otherwise you will need a Home Theater PC to drive your display.

Official Photos | The Official Foo Fighters Site

As you can see, they are taking it one step further with Facebook and twitter.  Clearly a benefit of being in their own studio.  They will have access to a cleaner environment than a concert stage, but will recreate the effect with a cyber crowd, yelling and screaming request, professions of love, and the sort.  Here’s to the new trend.  Happy Viewing!

Foo Fighters - Wheels

Foo Fighters – Wheels (Official Music Video)The best free videos are right here


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One Response to “Foo Fighters Treat You to Live Concert < Streaming | Henry Villadiego”

  1. Henry Villadiego Says:

    from Livestream website:

    “The Re-Broadcast has ended, thanks for tuning in! Follow us on Twitter @Livestream for upcoming events.”

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