ABC grounds ‘V’ and will rely on legacy < Broadcast | Henry Villadiego

After the Transition sat on this story for a whole week and almost immediately after it ran, got this update, thanks to the fine folks at The Hollywood Reporter

ABC has scrapped its ambitious plan to cover the skies of major cities with giant “V”s to promote the Nov. 3 debut of its alien invasion drama.

ABC scraps plans for ‘V’ skywriting campaign–The Live Feed | THR

The earlier post did mention searching the web for the schedule of promotional “air shows” and that was because the original press release pulled from ABC’s Media Net site.

Sure green is a nice buzzword, but the fact is that ABC has under funded alternate reality campaigns in the past (see last year’s Dharma Initiative recruitment for LOST).  ABC should still be applauded for the efforts to get viral community support.  It may boil down to just that: V has a built in fan base from its 80’s run and with the technology today, both on-screen and over the web, next Tuesday’s arrival should be a momentous occasion.  Happy viewing.

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