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they arrive november 3rd < V |

Going into this television season, ABC knew it had one season left of their hit scripted serial LOSTABC wants a successor identified early this season.  And the sooner the better to start building a schedule for the remainder of this season, when LOST returns in 2010, as well as next year’s lineup.

The best evidence surrounding the sense of urgency to capitalize on LOST’s success to transcend media has been ABC’s marketing plan leading into the Fall TV season.  LOST is a perennial leader among shows streamed by online viewers, a market that ABC is willing to invest in generating new revenue.  To reward its loyal online community, just as it lead the FlashForward premiere, ABC has released a sneak peek at the opening of the “daring re-imagining of the ‘80s sci-fi classic” V.

ABC’s "V" premieres Nov. 3 and will air for four weeks during sweeps, then go on hiatus until early 2010…

The first eight minutes of ABC’s ‘V’ (video)–The Live Feed | THR

They have also blended in some alternate reality websites and social networking in support of the alien visitor re-boot:

This time around, unlike FlashForward, there are no augmented reality inserts in print media or Facebook apps.  ABC goes one step further to make you feel like you are in the action

Starting Friday, skywriters will create giant V’s across the sky at 26 U.S. landmarks. The network is mum on where and when the V’s will strike, but such places as the Statue of Liberty and the Capitol Records building are under consideration. The skywriting will be done multiple times a day at each site until the series launch at 8 p.m. Nov. 3."V" is the final new fall broadcast drama to debut. After four episodes, it goes on hiatus until early next year.

ABC plans giant skywriting campaign to promote ‘V’–The Live Feed | THR

You can search the web for a listing of when the visitors will be in your neck of the woods, or just keep one up to the sky.  ABC certainly will, hoping that this time around:

  • with a high production value for HDTV
  • special effects more affordable than in the 80’s
  • the internet behind them

the visitor’s stay is a little more pleasant and extended in duration.

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