Netflix Streams Horror Legend Roger Corman’s Internet Debut

You must has seen this one coming, right?  Netflix streamed The Wizard of Oz and now it is following up L. Frank Baum with Master of Horror Roger Corman.  And it is going from feature film to a serialized format.

Entitled “Splatter,” the Webisodes were conceived and produced by Mr. Corman, co-produced by Julie Corman (“Box Car Bertha,” “The Westing Game”), directed by horror auteur Joe Dante (“Gremlins,” “The Howling”) and star Corey Feldman (“Lost Boys,” “Stand By Me”) in the title role of rocker Johnny Splatter. The first episode of “Splatter” will launch on October 29, with the second installment scheduled for November 6 and the concluding episode slated for November 13 – yes, Friday the 13th

Netflix Invites America to Instantly Watch Horror Legend Roger Corman’s Internet Debut, Streamed for

Splatter – Teaser
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