Leno Effect: DVR Numbers Down Product Placement Up

The new Jay Leno Show is highly regarded as a game changer in Network Prime Time.

  • low production cost when compared to scripted dramas normally in that time slot
  • a safe haven at a set time every night for channel surfers
  • a strong lead in to local news

More Than Just a Changing of the GuardWatch the best video clips here

After a few weeks, how is the Show faring and how fast will critics jump to which conclusions?

When isolated, "Leno Show" is pulling better-than-expected numbers at 10 p.m. The show has demonstrated that with a strong lead-in, it can retain a significant share of viewers and post a competitive number. Also, Leno has decreased the amount of time-shifting at 10 p.m., according to preliminary estimates released by TiVo, meaning more viewers are watching the hour live — something advertisers and networks vastly prefer.

Leno Effect: NBC drops in three time slots–The Live Feed | THR

That’s the good news.  Do not forget this is a fickle business.  So give equal time to the flip side:

  • Leno is down from last year’s occupants of that time slot
  • local news is not getting the anticipated big boost, their numbers are down
  • Leno’s former playground,  The Tonight Show, is down from last year

Certainly the network experts are taking a hard look at the numbers and coming up with ways to improve the entire schedule.  The best improvement may come be by listening to your audience, be it email, blog, or twitter.  For example,

Jay Leno has a considerable preoccupation with naming products on his show (and, in the video above, interviewing the Wendy’s girl). The above video, featuring moments only from the September 25, 2009 episode of The Jay Leno Show

Is Jay Leno a Corporate Shill? : Edward Champion’s Reluctant Habits

As was pointed out by the Live Feed Leno is doing a great job of drawing a live audience.  While the product placement strategy is understandable, given the initial response to the Show, maybe they could pull back a little?  After all, if that is the overwhelming critique, why push viewers towards using a DVR rather than watch the show live?  Or worse, flip the channel.


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