Moxi Multi-National with Arris purchase of Digeo

Moxi was notably quiet the last month.  Since announcing  the Multi-room Moxi® Mate in early August, there has been no major news.  Even the weekly “We’re better than TiVo”email stopped arriving.  Something was cooking.

After a post-CES “streamlining” resulted in layoffs and left highly anticipated products like the Multi-Room HD DMR to never see the light of day the future of Moxi DVR builder Digeo has remained in doubt, but that’s all behind us as it has been acquired by ARRIS. Promising not only continued support for current Moxi customers but also plans to continue to develop and market the line of products, it appears the communications company sees this as a way to expand its own networking expertise. The cost to snap up Digeo’s IP, 75 employees and other assets? A mere $20 million cash – we expect to find out more details via conference call tomorrow, any questions you want answered about the future of Moxi? Let us know in the comments, whether this means the UI will get a makeover is already on our list.

Digeo purchased by Arris, promises continued Moxi development, sales and support

From Arris’ website:

ARRIS designs and sells complete DOCSIS® and Euro-DOCSIS 2.0 and PacketCable™ 1.1 qualified solutions to the global cable industry for the provision of next generation voice, high-speed data and video services to end users

Arris Comcast Touchstone Telephony VOIP BROADBAND Modem TM402P with Battery Backup User Review 175554 @ Yahoo! Video

It seems like a marriage made in heaven.  This could make Moxi a multi-room, multi-national brand.  Hoorah for them, even if the deal seems like a steal.


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