Blue Man, Nat Geo to the 3D Rescue

THe Blue Man Group draws a crowd

Mark your calendars for 2011, start saving for a new Home Theater, and make a run on blue paint.

National Geographic Entertainment has picked up worldwide distribution rights to laffer “Blue Man Group: Mind Blast,” the first bigscreen project from the performance trio that has become an entertainment franchise.

Nat Geo will release the stereoscopic 3D (S3D) pic on both Imax 3D and digital 3D screens

Blue Man, Nat Geo map 3D pic plans – Entertainment News, Film News, Media – Variety

New Instruments Video – Part 2 from Blue Man Group HD on Vimeo.

A Blue Man Group music video with new instruments that were featured on DJ Tiesto’s Elements of Life Tour (2007).

One of the critiques often heard about 3D, either anaglyph or stereoscopic, is that there is always a gimmicky scene, with something coming right at you to remind you: you are watching in 3D.  Fan not-so-favorites include:

  • flying arrows
  • guitarist pointing his or her ax during a solo
  • main character signal to the horizon beyond the fourth wall

Well, if you have ever seen the Blue Man Group (BMG) show, depending on your point of view, the gimmick factor in their S3D movie will either be all or nothing at all.

There is plenty of 3D content in 2010

With all due respect to Mr. Cameron and the fine folks at Panasonic, this title could be the one that brings S3D home, en masse.  The live show has wide appeal.  A regular film would never do it justice, but S3D will give it the depth that BMG fans expect.  Do not overlook the BMG community.  BMG has numerous audio DVD titles that not only sell, but are regarded as reference quality.

From the BMG you can expect a high production valuethat will immerse you in the experience and make you forget you are watching S3D.  And as Mr.Lyons wrote (link above), that is how this will be sold.

For S3D to be successful, in the home, you need:

  • the right setting
  • an audience in a particular frame of mind
  • the appropriate material

Will average viewers be comfortable putting on stereoscopic glasses every time they watch HDTV?  Probably not.  Will a group of friend get together for BMG, sitting through the whole show with some goofy glasses.  Happily.

Actual Friends may Vary

This could be the perfect storm to drive sales in the home.  JVC recently became the first manufacturer to announce a 3D LCD HDTV including 2 pairs of glasses.  The last part is the key, bring you one step closer to a complete package.  By the time Mind Blast hits the store shelves, it would behoove a manufacturer to package it all together:

  • 3D HDTV
  • Stereoscopic glasses
  • 3D HD BD player
  • BMG:Mind Blast on 3D HD

No guess work for the consumer in terms of missing components or compatibility.  One stop shopping.

3 men in Blue Man Group.  3D HD on Blue-Ray Disc.  You would like to think it is coincidence.  Time will tell.


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