Talking about a Leno-lution

The big TV news this week is the new Jay Leno Show in Prime Time.  With the piracy police out in full force, YouTube and Veoh are on their best behavior.  Perhaps, there is a clue to how Universal came up with the name Vevo for their upcoming video service.

With respect to the Leno business, Jack Perry put it best in his blog:

Starting tonight we may just tune to NBC and leave it running in the background.

If we do that then the local NBC affiliate wins. Why? Simple. While we may switch immediately at 10:00 to KGAN (our CBS affiliate), we may also get immersed in the lead story as it is delivered by the NBC local talking heads. After that they bring on the weather. We might just stay on the channel since it this point, why flip the remote? Over time we may actually migrate to NBC for our news. Advertisers will then follow.

blog_9.14.09; A new era in TV… Will it work? «

Leno Could Shake Up What We Watch in “Prime Time” – USA Today

If this works, then expect copy cats (Don’t sign that deal yet Craig Ferguson).  The networks go to their affiliates with a formula and local business will pump in the ad dollars.  Extending their reach through a the quadruple-play of HDTV, DTV, Mobile DTV, and online could accelerate it even more.  In another “ratings” win this week, NBC’s SNF Extra improved on last year’s numbers.  The enhanced camera angles may not translate to Leno, but there are other Web 2.0 features that may:

  • watch parties
  • live blogging?

If it doesn’t NBC at least saved some money and will regroup, as Jay says in the interview above.  It makes for what could be a fun ride, so grab your Doritos and hold on!

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