CIMM Should Positively Target Mobile DTV

There was big news last week about the CIMM, the new coalition creating a viewer measurement platform, not unlike what the Nielsen company provides today.

If you believe the internetION Television is not among its charter members.  Quickly growing, ION was the first broadcaster to simulcast in DTV, HDTV, and Mobile DTV.  The CIMM may want to take not of them, if only for that last component.

Cell phones, laptop computers and other mobile devices are about to become the next frontier in digital TV in the U.S. as local stations begin to harness the capability to beam out a special signal that can be received by these devices over the air

Stations grasp handheld solution – Entertainment News, TV News, Media – Variety

Durham County – Behind The Secrets
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While the ATSC has not ratified the candidate standard for Mobile DTV, several stations are beginning trial runs.  The mobile signal fits in seamlessly into the existing DTV workflow, making it a very appealing for simulcast and local media.

At first glance, the idea of ratings screams invasion of privacy. Web 2.0 and numerous brick and mortar loyalty programs have demonstrated, however, consumers are willing to give up a little privacy in exchange for something tangible.

You may be familiar with mobile carriers desire to gain new customers, even if it were ones they lost not so long ago.  Would a viewer measurement platform be able to subsidize new devices capable of receiving the new Mobile DTV stations.  It may not be a game changer, but definitely should be at the table to strike a deal.

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