All the HD That’s Fit to Print

And who said print was dead?  Over the Air (OTA) Broadcasters are partnering with their print allies to bring new and exciting advertising models.

A few days ago ABC released news that on Sept 18th, print ads for one of their new series will include black and white codes.  When viewed online, using a webcam, these codes will be revealed as 3D images including photos for the shows that may be clicked through to show clips of the premier

Ads will appear in publications that target a tech-savvy audience, including Wired, Popular Mechanics and several gaming magazines. Users can also download the ad at the “FlashForward”-related website

‘Forward’ thinking campaign for ABC – Entertainment News, TV News, Media – Variety

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Sounds very wizardly, ala Harry Potter, no?  Is it a great idea? You bet.  Does it sound a bit too complicated for the average bear?  You bet.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban – Third Trailer
Uploaded by VeronicaMars157. – Classic TV and last night’s shows, online.

The release states it is targeted at Fanboys of the show, and worry not, there are plenty.  Just check out the LOST forums to see if anyone is looking forward to Thursday nights, before 2010.  And they have the correct publications for this, just check out Popular Mechanic’s Guide to the Fall Previews.

The launch date for the Webcam-aided-3D ads is Sept. 18th.  If that date rings a bell, it is because another fancy, magazine-delivered ad is set to debut.

When Entertainment Weekly subscribers within Los Angeles and New York get to the middle of their copy of the September 18 issue they will find a wafer-thin video screen, just over two inches wide, which will turn on and start playing video footage.

CBS and Pepsi video ad to appear in Entertainment Weekly magazine – Brand Republic News – Brand Republic

Big Bang Season 2 Recap on

This tactic has the advantage of user friendliness.  At a cost, no doubt.  The advertisement does include various shows from the powerhouse lineup for CBS, and also boasts a sponsor.  It is also entirely self sufficient.  No computer necessary.

Would it have been nice to integrate the web somehow?  Sure.  Would it have cost more?  Sure.

Kudos to CBS for throwing a little more money at the problem, but ABC is swinging for the fences with this one: low cost of entry and pinpointing the audience.

The only misstep in the marketing plan, and there is still time to rectify this, is on the side of the social network.  They have a very nice website set up for the community.  So why do visitors need to set up a user name and password?

Has ABC heard of Facebook Connect?  Apparently not.  Has CBS heard of Facebook Connect?  Yes they have.  Maybe that’s why they have a few more advertising dollars to throw at their Fanboys.


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