Sony will be coming at you in 3D by 2010

Everyone is now comfortable with the idea HDTV.  They are still digesting that BD won the format war and is now clear for take off.  So here is the latest twist: 3D!  At IFA 2009 Sony was very busy announcing new products:

  • Bravia HDTV sets
  • PS3, via firmware updates
  • PSP
  • Vaio Laptops

The Ps3 will add 3D support for all of its games.  There will be, as always, a catch:

Of course, you’ll need a brand new TV, but at least it won’t be restricted to just Sony televisions. Start saving those pennies!
PS3’s new 3D mode captured on video, coming in 2010 to all existing games

Sony is very smart at playing this game, however.   They were able to win the packaged media format war by adding Blu-Ray support in the gaming console. Gamers bought the Ps3 and how about that?  Now they have a BD player!

Now they are going back to the gamers to upgrade their HDTV’s to 3D.  Once the infrastructure is in place, they will roll out their 3D film library.

Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 3D Movie Trailer 2009
Uploaded by exploretv. – Check out other Film & TV videos.

Speaking of content,  ESPN is expanding its audience with its next theatrical 3D presentation

The production will be ESPN’s first 3D telecast distributed to fans after more than two years of testing, supplying further research for ESPN as it continues to develop best practices for utilizing the technology in live game applications

3D broadcast? How could that not be cool? – Pac-10 – ESPN

Sports programming is probably the next in line to drive  sales.  Many have already credited it for the wide adoption of HDTV prior to the transition.  It may have the same effect for 3D.  Keep your fingers crossed that ESPN’s trials go well. Remember, they are the world wide leader. 

Panasonic, with an HDTV product line of its own,  signed on James Cameron’s Avatar from Fox studios as the spokesfilm for its upcoming 3D line launch.

The main player still to be partnered up with a HDTV manufacturer has to be Disney. They have slated a 3D Double Feature of the first two Toy Story movies for next month, leading into the opening of the third installment, also available in 3D.   Oh, and they also own ESPN.

DisneyPixar Toy Story 3 Teaser HD
Uploaded by vfxn3d. – Watch feature films and entire TV shows.

Sony has already described its technology requiring a new HDTV and synchronized stereoscopic glasses.  There is no word on how the glasses will be packaged.  And none of these articles are talking about Mitsubishi that already has this technology in its DLP line.

At the CES line show in NY, Mitsubishi expressed concern that the worst case scenario for lack of adoption of its technology, in particular, and stereoscopic, in general, would be the proliferation of anaglyph technology delivered by packaged media.  Such as how some studios are packaging their 3D offerings.

Another concern has to be the delivery of the glasses.  Will they be delivered with the:

  • HDTV
  • BD Player
  • Packaged Media

Clearly,  no one wants an added expense for a feature that won’t be used, therefore the packaged media makes the most sense.  But what happens when the player doesn’t support the media?  Or the HDTV doesn’t support the glasses.  Bundles may solve the problem, but now you’ve increased the cost of entry.

It’s already been mentioned, that consumers do not like confusion.  Let’s hope the HDTV manufacturers do their part to educate their prospective audience.  And the studios should play their part as well.  Otherwise, happy viewing, in 3D, may be difficult.


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