Reverse Transition < Broadcast

The FCC was very pleased with how smooth the Digital Transition went and is expecting a nice chunk of change from unused DTV Converter Box coupons

Treasury to Get Nine-Figure Return On Coupon Program: “The U.S. Treasury will get at least $139 million back when the National Tel…”

but all is not pretty widescreen pictures and Dolby Digital surround sound

Home Theater: DTV Stations: We Want to Move: “Problems with VHF are emerging now that many stations are doing their final frequency switch. These stations started their digital broadcasts in UHF, while simultaneously broadcasting in analog on VHF. In the final stage of the DTV transition, they moved their digital signals from UHF to VHF, and that’s when the trouble started.”

This is quite the reversal from what most viewers are used to from the analog age: VHF stations usually looked clearer than snowy UHF stations.  Ah, the power of digital!

What is yet to be seen is how other stations will react if these petitions are granted.  Hold onto those instruction booklets and stay tuned.


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