Wii Plays Over the Top

Appliance vendors are quickly deploying online content services as a way to expand not only their reach, but also their staying power.  Add one more gaming system to that list.  First the Wii put you in the game and now, with a little help, it puts you Over the Top (OTT).

Play, Playon

Video streaming service PlayOn from Media Mall Technologies recently added support for the Wii, which owners of Nintendo’s phenomenally popular video game console can use to watch Hulu, CNN and other selected channels online. It’s about time: The Wii excels at games, but when it comes to offering great online content, it’s running a distant third to Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and Sony’s Playstation 3.

Review: Nintendo Wii Gets (Very) Beta Online Video Streaming Service

Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and Sony’s PS3 may have offered online content earlier, but they are cutting prices to gain market share from Nintendo.  Was it in retaliation to this announcement?

On the other hand, this must be a calculated move for Nintendo. After all, it does not have HDMI since its resolution tops out at 480p and there is no digital audio, only Dolby Surround.  The number of such encoded audio source on the internet, besides Apple’s iTunes, are few and far between.  These perceived limitations may go unnoticed since a majority of OTT content, from Hulu for example, is 480p.

So if you have the Wii, go ahead an leap OTT.  At least you won’t need to upgrade to a pole vaulting accessory.


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