One Tree Is King of the Social Hill

Everyone is trying to maximize their audience and reach through social networking.  Network Television is no exception and apparently some studios are better at it than others.  The real trick, however, is converging that reach number into advertising dollars.

One Tree Hill Is the Pinnacle of Social TV?!: “What’s clear is that traditional ratings systems are due for an overhaul — and indeed, NBC, Time Warner, News Corp., Viacom, CBS and Disney are forming a new TV measurement system to take on Nielsen.”

One Tree Hill – Season 7 Official Previews/PromosFunny bloopers are a click away

The lean forward activities included:

What will be interesting to see once, the new television season starts next month, is how the growing demographic of adults using twitter, as reported by the New York Times, will impact the measurements by both LiveHive and any new ratings system put in place by the content owners consortium.

The top ten today consisted of shows targeted at a younger demographic, with a few geek related shows like LOST thrown in.  No sports, soaps, or tabloid shows (sorry Oprah).  If the measurements are accurate and weigh all social interaction equal, these genres should see an uptick.  Even more so, if the new system doesn’t give credit (or even takes away credit) for pirated clips being shared over the official online content.  People have to do something during the commercials, right?


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