Cutting the Cord except for Inside

Brian Mahony is conducting an eat your own dog food experiment

What we are researching and will continue to watch is whether the OTT trend largely remains an incremental TV and movie watching option for consumers on top of Pay TV, or tempts many folks like us to “cut the cord.” So we also have a professional motive for cutting the cord since understanding the tradeoffs first-hand will help us better predict what will happen.

Cutting the Pay TV Cord Part 2: OTT Video Device Options – Trender Research™

In his recap of hardware options, he detail, and introduces to some, a relatively high end unit call ZVBox.

Your own broadcast network

This nifty device connects a PC to your coaxial system run throughout your residence and broadcasts in clear QAM.  Now all your devices can display whatever ZVBox broadcasts.  And what a broadcast line up it has:

just to name a few.  The browser is reminiscent of Boxee and the remote is a full Microsoft Green Button Media Center Remote.  The price may seem steep at first, but when you factor in that all your HDTV’s can use it and there may be no additional need for wiring, it may even top the Silicon Dust HomeRun that Scorecard uses.  Although, if you were able to combine the two…

Good luck, Brian!


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