Paramount to Henry Villadiego: Blu-ray is the new Hardcover

It is about time!

The Sound Room: Home Theater Week in Review, August 3-7, 2009: Paramount puts Blu ray first;: “Paramount recently announced they’ll be releasing Blu ray discs for retail sales before their DVD counterparts in an attempt to drive Blu ray sales.”

It makes all the sense in the world, after all the publishing industry has been taking this same approach for centuries: release the book as a hardcover, then after some time the softbound.  This is not a commentary on book publishing however, just an observation that a higher quality media deserves to:

  • command a premium
  • be recognized for its intrinsic value
  • have some shelf life without fear of cannibalization

Unlike previous staggered launches, Paramount will not include a Digital Copy, DVD, or any other compatible form of viewing.  You either have a Blu-Ray player and watch in in full HD, or go home unhappy.  The other media will not be shipped with a hold, its shipping date will occur a good number of weeks afterwards.

The article also says to keep an eye on how the other studios counter with titles targeted to a different audience.  Stay tuned, indeed.



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