Microsoft takes HD on the Road < Streaming

via Press Resources | Zune.netThe much rumored HD version of the Microsoft Zune is officially available for pre-order.  In addition to an improved OLED touch interface and tighter integration with the Zune website, there are some noteworthy new features.

Zune HD available for pre-order today | :  “Supports HD video playback from the device through a premium HDMI A/V docking station (sold separately) directly to an HDTV in 720p, making it easy to enjoy better-than-DVD-quality video on your own big screen at home”

This is an interesting feature, docking station sold separately aside.  This may very well increase the availability of Digital Copy titles and, dare say, even the quality. 

What about other appliance manufacturers, like TiVo, Slingbox, and Moxi?  Will they have an opportunity to piggyback their own “HD on the Go” applications?  Or any one of the numerous TiVo to Go software vendors?  Microsoft does have a history of waiting for a new feature to stabilize, then opening up the API.

It also makes the claim of first device in its class to support HD Radio.  Perhaps, also including a Mobile DTV receiver would have been a tall order, but there is the next version.  Stay tuned.


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