DVD to Henry Villadiego – “I’m Not Dead Yet!”

One Dollar, eh? It is hard to pass up a good deal. Quality aside, content may be king, but cost is the Great Equalizer. Sales may be down, but DVD rentals are still popular, especially when the price is right. Of course, some still expect to receive proper value in return for their quality. Believe it or not, it is those that own the content.

Hollywood vs. Redbox – BusinessWeek: "Universal Studios and Fox worry that cheap rentals will cut into limping DVD sales and have barred third-party distributors from supplying Redbox with their releases as early as other retailers get them"

The article mentions Redbox’s deal with Sony, and just this month, they signed a similar deal with Lionsgate. You may recall that studio name from the last post on Epix. Sony will usually  do their own thing, but it will be interesting to see if any of the other Epix companies Lionsgate.

In case you are keeping score at home, Fox and Universal are the powerhouse studios behind Hulu and it has already been pointed out, they see things a little differently. Stay tuned.

Redbox CEO Defends His Business – CNBC.com

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