Netflix , Newcomers Duel Towards DVD Demise

If you’re DVD, is Netflix friend or foe? Richard Corliss explains why it may be perceived as both. He spends the majority of the article describing the model that put it on the map, before teasing with the more interesting delivery mechanism.

Why Netflix Stinks: A Critic’s Complaint – TIME:  ”Getting movies by mail is, Netflix hopes, just a stage between the Blockbuster era of video stores and the imminent streaming of movies”

The choice of the word imminent is interesting since Netflix announced in January that LG would be producing HDTV’s with built in support for streaming service and they were demonstrated at CES.

Ain't Life Grand?

From last month, here’s a piece about Netflix announcing partnerships with Sony, as well as Samsung

Then, of course, there this old thing called the Netflix Player by Roku.

over 12,000 movies and TV shows – including hundreds in HD – instantly from Netflix over the internet

Daniel Indiviglio, on the other hand, has seen the future and it is epic, or rather Epix.

Epix Steams Into The Future – The Atlantic Business Channel: “a new cable channel, Epix, hopes to bring online movie streaming to the next level. The channel will function like most other premium TV cable channels, but on steroids.”

For those just getting to the party, “Epix is the new channel and online service from your friends at Paramount, Lionsgate, and MGM.” It does the online video store one better, primarily through its cinema library.

 Anytime Anywhere Any Screen

With those powerhouse studios behind it, Hulu has its first real rival in the online space, with the combination of a premium PayTV channel and HD offering on the internet, right out of the gate.

OTT appliances, Roku and Vudu included, will suddenly find themselves looking up on the movie title leader board.  Official numbers have not been released, but follow @epixhd and you will see the consistent addition of new library collections added to its lineup.

“Courtesy of VUDU”  ©2007 VUDU, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Dolby is a registered trademark of Dolby Laboratories. HDMI is a trademark of HDMI 
Licensing LLC. All other brand and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders.

The steroids Mr. Indiviglio references are IPTV and OTT combined with social networking.  Watch HD movies, live interaction with your friend online. Does this bear a resemblance to BD Profile 2.0 aka BD Live to anyone?

Verizon FIOS was the first PayTV carrier to sign Epix. And as Mediaweek put it

Epix, FiOS TV Ink First Deal: “the deal gives Verizon a lot of flexibility to offer Epix a la carte and in bundles with its broadband offers. The two firms also plan to create a mobile Epix offer that they can market to Verizon’s VCast subscribers”

Now that could be icing on the cake: a mobile interface to OTT service.  You could queue movies, get referrals from friends, or even set up the watching party.  This relationship could open up some very interesting possibilities.

To recap:

  • “Professional movie watcher”, originally skeptical of rent-by- mail preferring a brick and mortar video store, starts coming around to value Netflix has to offer.
  • DVD format, originally skeptical of blame for box office declines, prefers when its sales do not dip 13% while box office numbers increase 8%.
  • Home movie viewer, originally tired of PayTV rates, scoffs at online delivery preferring Netflix mail service, starts coming around to value of internet streaming.

If you believe the internet, majority of consumers now own an HDTV.  Could the shift away from DVD back to the theaters be America’s viewing  standards are expecting more than, well, standard definition?  The same majority still can not be said of BD Players.  Perhaps instead of buying a title in a format that may be considered inferior, viewers will explore trial viewings on the newer options such as affordable internet rentals, VOD, and online.

When Blu-Ray beat out HD-DVD, the next contender was said to be online.  The history of DVD leads one to believe that there will always be a share of the market that prefers to own the packaged media, for convenience.  However, if the quality and social aspects of going to the movies can be duplicated using the web, and a new  feature set is introduced, Consumer Confusion may not be over.  Stay tuned.


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