Full HD from Satellite < Pay TV

If you believe the internet, Satellite TV offers at least 30 more HD channels than the Long Island IPTV and cable companies, and it is the only one to source full HD, or 1080p resolution.  Of course, this is limited to pay per view (or on demand) and, unlike other sources of television (OTA or provider), subscribing to the HD package is an upgrade.

Perhaps you’ve received the telemarketing call and listened to one of these companies pitch:

  • you own all the boxes and dishes (there are options to lease hardware, if you prefer)
  • weather is no longer an issue as it used to be
  • more channels, including local stations
  • full HD resolution for some Video on Demand

Cable and phone companies are really putting a squeeze on the satellite companies thanks to their bundled triple, and some cases quadruple, plays of television, internet, and phone (home lines and cellular), so they had to differentiate somehow.  1080p certainly seems like a nice way to do it.

A nice to have would have been the ability to embed the video that has a famous movie critic talk about it, but, ala, there is no share option.  You’ll just have to manually check out the link above, if you have not already.  Similar to the bundled services of the competition, integration of Social Networking Widgets will be a challenge and may eventually force satellite to the back of the pack.

The glass is half full, isn’t it?

For some silly reason, this seems like a prime opportunity for mass confusion.  Just like those that think once they have an HDTV that everything they watch will be high definition as opposed to standard definition, won’t the same be true?  Can’t you picture your neighbor or co-worker telling you their service is better because you are reduced to 720p or even 1080 interlaced, while they bask in the glory that is 1080 progressive?

Sky’s the Limit?

At the very least Satellite offers you yet another option to receive digital signals on an existing analog TV using their Set Top Box (STB).   Of course, this won’t provide full 1080p HD and who’s to say if that is enough to trump the competition’s bundled services?  For those that don’t believe in a single point of failure and prefer the best in class, this is certainly a valid alternative to the old (cable) and the new (IPTV).  Time will tell.  Stay tuned.


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