Verizon Brings the Web to the TV, Why not it’s IPTV

If you believe the internet, Verizon Brings the Web to the TV With Facebook, Twitter and Internet Videos. (Posted using ShareThis)

Verizon is the leading IPTV option in the NY tristate area (and yes that includes Long Island!). IPTV is all the rage these days as it leverages the economies of scale that the internet has brought to us: ubiqitous ethernet. That’s right, ethernet is everywhere, so why not your TV? Through the magic of optical fiber (FIOS is Verizon’s brand), digital tv, phone, and internet is able to be carried on the same cable, similar to, well cable service. It even uses the same QAM encoding so and equipement that decodes QAM for cable can be used for IPTV!  This includes:

  • ATSC/QAM tuners
  • TiVo
  • Moxi

How about that!?!

What IPTV in general, and Verizon in particular have been quick to deploy is TV Widgets. This is one of many tactics to lure people to their new service. AT&T has an FAQ that does a nice job on explaining IPTV‘s advantages, so let’s skip ahead to the irony.

Isn’t it great how Verizon hopped on this social media bandwagon? But, guess what!?! You can’t embed ther nifty video explaining it all!?! Call Alanis!

Here’s a video from AT&T’s You Tube channel instead, explaining there enhancements. As always, happy viewing!


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