Boxee 0.9.14: new bug fixing version, new web stuff

Boxee has a new version of its application and updates to its web site, including

  • cleaner interface
  • a new support site
  • ability to find friends

The invite from address book has improved. It gets more than four entries, but the auto-invite still looks like it need work. Don’t let that deter you, there are other ways to share and invite your friends.

The install package will also pre-installs of various community applications that appear to have rolled in June, too early for the big launch on the 23rd, and from their just completed DevChallenge. They were available previously as manual add-ons, but now Boxee saves you that step! From the email, here are some highlights:

  • BBC Live Player
  • WeAreHunted
  • Facebook Photos

Read all about it on the official Boxee Blog or better yet, download and install it yourself.


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